The Path to Learning

To uplift the lives of those living on the margins of Society, through Education, upskilling & specialized care, that maybe most optimal for this purpose

The Path to Caring

To conduct social, educational, cultural and community development programmes, that would add value to our Society, in every conceivable manner

The Path to Giving


To carry out various activities for protection & improvement of Environment, as well as for protection & replenishment of water bodies, flora & fauna and other natural resources.

Daana for Food - Covid Relief Initiative

With a vision of “Let no one sleep hungry,” Kshema Path Trust has taken the initiative to distribute Dry Ration kits to support covid affected families. Make your contribution to help feed the needy.

Our Causes


Our mission is to foster educational excellence and equal access to the disadvantaged. We would like supplement the efforts of the local school sys


We are committed to conserving the ecological balance of India's ecosystem, maintaining it's biodiversity and it's sustainable growth for future gener

Serving the Needy

We aspire to set up institutions, old age homes, educational centres, orphanages, hostels, public health and medical centres, training centres, colleg

Recent Blogs

ESES (Enhancing Spoken English Skills)

Most of the children from impoverished backgrounds, are unable to maximize the benefits of education optimally, as they lack

Welcome to our path of Welfare

We are the Batch of ’87, which envisaged a means of “Giving back to Society”.In the endeavor we looked at an idea of starting Kshema Path ~ the path of Welfare.Our mission is to create, find and support programs that directly help improve the health, wellbeing and education of children and adding value to the environment around us, in every possible way


Goals for December 2022


Children to be fluent in English


trees to be planted by 2022


Meals per day provided to Healthcare Camps for the Poor / Soup Kitchen